Monday, May 5, 2008


Two Downtown Brooklyn BIDs unveiled a podcast walking tour of Downtown Brooklyn on April 30. The Fulton Mall Improvement Association (FMIA) and the MetroTech BID partnered to create and produce a free 45-minute self-guided tour of Downtown Brooklyn.

With the rapid transformation occurring in Downtown Brooklyn – including millions of dollars invested in public enhancements and a surge of new residents, office workers and tourists – Downtown Brooklyn is burgeoning with new energy and excitement. Addressing the increased interest and awareness in the area, the two BIDs have created an easy-to-navigate tour that allows visitors to discover Downtown Brooklyn’s rich cultural and architectural history.

“This Podcast Walking Tour shows Brooklyn is truly the place for big ideas, or rather, ‘BID’ ideas! I applaud the MetroTech BID and The Fulton Mall Improvement Association for their insight in recognizing that tourists are indeed good for business, and embracing new technology as a way to educate curious visitors about our fascinating Brooklyn landmarks. A fundamental goal of my office’s tourism initiative is to support exactly this kind of synergy between business and tourism.

Those looking to get an insider’s view of Historic Downtown Brooklyn can now take this self-guided MP3 tour with expert John Manbeck, brush up on their history, and of course, enjoy the area’s wonderful eateries and shops along the way.”
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

The walking tour highlights critical historical events that shaped the nation’s history and pivotal cultural trends that originated Downtown. As part of the tour, listeners visit the last stretch of road taken by British and American soldiers during the American Revolution’s Battle of Brooklyn before coming to the steps of Brooklyn's first African American church, a refuge for runaway slaves during the Civil War. Along the way, striking examples of Downtown Brooklyn’s rich architectural treasures are discussed and includes, most notably, a visit inside one of the City’s most magnificent bank buildings and the Borough’s first fire house.

The podcast is the first of two for Downtown Brooklyn. The second podcast, scheduled for release later this summer, will focus on more contemporary activities, namely the district’s thriving shopping and cultural offerings.

The podcast format allows visitors to take the tour at their own pace, at any time. Easily downloaded to any MP3 player, and accompanied by a map, the tour is available on both BID’s websites

MetroTech BID

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