Thursday, March 1, 2007

Downtown Brooklyn Is Booming


Anonymous said...

[EJ]: Interesting. I see pluses and minuses in this article, really, but I think the long-run prospects are amazingly positive.

P.S. while no one at BellTel today would be specific, I got the distinct impression from their tone that they're starting to think that June move-ins might be optimistic. There was even a comment about "I may grab some mortar and bricks myself to get this stuff moving..."

As I've said before, from a financial perspective, I'm OK with waiting. But I'm itching to move!

guyfromdobro said...

What were the minuses?

Also, I'm not in much of a rush either. More time to save. Although, July would be nice.

tonino said...

The one - is the "a major discount store" Wal Mart is out but who could be the next candidate?

ZCapitan said...

Hi all, so I have been trying to sign with Belltel, but I have felt nothing but shadiness from the realtors and even more so in the contract. Did any of you experience any problems regarding this? I am concerned about the taxes even after the j-51 being so much more than other new constructions and also that they may not qualify for it if the construction may not be done or the application to be submitted for the J-51 at least a year/year and a half from now based on indications from the developer's lawyer (Bloomberg is cracking down on J-51's because developers are abusing them as they are meant for low to middle income housing). I am also concerned about the ventilation in the lofts (and who will be maintaining the system).