Tuesday, March 13, 2007

General Q & A

Working on creating a Forum of sorts after reading some of your suggestions. In the meanwhile, feel free to post here.


Anonymous said...

There was an earlier comment stating that "The Architect's Report seems confident that this temp control will work. That said, the wording is such that I don't know if that confidence applies to the rooms that are not occupany rooms (i.e. rooms arked "storage". I'm not saying that there is any indication that it won't apply to those rooms -- just that the report is a little ambiguous."

I am just curious what "Architect's Report" are you referring to? Where can I find any information related to this.

On the other subject had most of those people who bought used 1 st Meridian?

guyfromdobro said...

I'm using first Meridian.

Anonymous said...

The architect's report is included in the offering plan (it's also on file at the Department of Law).

I'm also using First Meridian (to be more accurate, I submitted my application to them last week, so I hope to be using them.

Anonymous said...

The interior rooms will also get air from the airshafts (which comes at constant room temperature). I don't expect this will be an issue.

guyfromdobro said...

I understand that it will maintained bat 68 degrees

ZCapitan said...

Hi, I am continuing the conversation regarding the J51 and bloomberg's crackdown. As was mentioned J51s apply to building renovations. The information I had received (from a NYC employee) was only partial and I misunderstood. I thought I should clarify just so you know where the info was coming from. Apparently Bloomberg is cracking down on J51 properties that are rentals. Apartments rented out with J51 are subject to rent regulation. So apparently there are some developers who have claimed J51's but are renting out for market rates. I don't think that there is a need to worry in regards to the J51 application (except for when but that is minor) since apparently the qualifications for it is; involvement of CoNY government for rahabilition in the location of the property plus the amount of renovations that qualify as "Major Capital Improvements" (replacement of heating, plumbing or roofing systems, wiring, windows, elevators).

I'll keep you guys posted on what I find out about the ventilation/air circulation for the lofts.

ZCapitan said...

One more thing I do have to add as I just found out: The J51 program under the agrements that apply today is currently set to expire in 2008, but there have been no indications that the program has undergone major changes as it was extended by some new provisions in 2006 through 2011. The J51 has been deemed integral to the growth of NYC as per Bloomberg in 2004 and has existed since 1955 so his interest along with Ratner in improving the Downtown Brooklyn area only makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

[EJ]: Great info, zcapitan. Thanks for the update!

luk said...

Are the folks buying lines F, E, H, I, J, G planning to use "the storage" or 2nd "home occupancy" as a living space? Is everyone interested in these layouts single?
Are there any families?
We are planning to use the "storage" as a baby room, but are extremely concerned with our decision (no windows, no heating/air in the room.) It is a very descent space for the $$ and we hope it is usable other then storage.
Does anyone else planning to use the "secondary" room as a baby room?
Would be very curious what people’s thoughts are.
Some of the above plans have two home occupancies listed vs. home occupancy and storage. Does anyone know the reasons for the difference? Neither has a window.

Anonymous said...

I have a unit that uses "storage" and "home occupancy" both. Not sure what the distinction is. I notice that in the marketing version of the floorplan (i.e. what the Prudential people hand out), they call the "storage" rooms other, more appealing things, such as "study" or "library".

We'll be using our "storage" room as an office - one that will see plenty of usage and a lot of time spent. We thought about the issues you're describing and, at least in our case, decided it should be fine - while it lacks heat or A/C, every space the "storage" room abuts has heat or A/C. So temps should be OK on both sides of the coin. Ventilation is, on the other hand, an unknown. There definitely IS ventilation in the "home occupancy" rooms, and external temp control at 68 degrees (of course, in some units, the "home occupancy" rooms are so called because they either lack closets or are along a wall that abuts the property line. Our unit has two home occupancy rooms in it that DO have windows and heat and A/C units. But they abut the property line so they can't be called bedrooms pursuant to NYC law - look at the A and P floorplans for examples of that).

It isn't clear to me whether "storage" rooms also have this ventilation. I would suggest that you make a call or two to the agents or the sponsor's attorneys to see if you can find out.