Monday, April 9, 2007

Demolition on Myrle Ave. between Flatbush & Ashland Ave.(set speed)

Does anyone know what will become of this property?


Engine Joe said...

I know condos are part of the plan, but I don't think it's everything.

So far as I know, that area is pretty much no-man's land at the moment (moreso than other parts of downtown), so it'll be interesting to see how things change.

guyfromdobro said...

That's pretty close to Oro if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully, we get some nice retail over there.

guyfromdobro said...

I just realized that this is the project that I mentioned in March.

It's going to be rentals as far as I can tell

guyfromdobro said...

I believe it's the Myrle Avenue Development seen on this site.
There will also be 370 condos. That's a lot.