Friday, April 6, 2007

More Trader Joe's Buzz

Park Slope Courier excerpt:

{With a lot of these retailers, no one wants to be the first one in,” she explained. “If one decides to be adventurous and take a lease, then it’s easy to co-locate” other similarly targeted emporiums, she said. “When you have a trend-setter, within six months to a year, you have others willing to take the plunge. But, you need a few pioneers or a sexy development.”

So, if Trader Joe’s is really looking at Brooklyn, where are they likely to set up shop? Bartolomeo said, “I don’t think they’d go outside downtown Brooklyn or Park Slope.

“They like to be near the subway,” she added, to cater to working people who pick up prepared foods on their way home from the office. }


guyfromdobro said...

My favorite quote from this article: "trendy upwardly mobile individuals" Would that be a TUMI? I guess it's not as bad as yuppie.

Engine Joe said...

So far as I can tell, there's nowhere to put a Trader Joe's in Park Slope... MAYBE 4th Ave, but otherwise it's pretty built.

Anonymous said...

Even though the sales agents told us that "the retail space was originally built-out for Whole Foods," this is a lie--a commercial real estate person in the neighborhood said that Whole Foods has had a plan for "several years" to go to the Gowanus location they are planning for.

Does anyone else feel like they don't get the "straight story" from Maria and others??

Engine Joe said...

Anon - who says Whole Foods wasn't looking for two locations in Brooklyn?