Saturday, May 26, 2007

$10 billion in 10 years

"DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — About $10 billion will be spent in the next 10 years to build a new Downtown Brooklyn, an unprecedented amount of money. The new Downtown will be developed at a pace never experienced before in this borough."
(Brooklyn Daily Eagle)


Engine Joe said...

Weirdest part of that article? The comment about the color-coded map being something that will be "highly sought-after."

First, that sounds more like press release language than journalism... and second, they never quite explain why a color coded map of downtown would be something people would be clamoring for.

Langano said...

Hadn't the 110 Livingston blog released such a map anyway, showing where all the construction is going on? I agree with you EJ, that it sounds like the article was a press release trying to generate interest in the area.

Also, Downtown Brooklyn has not included the Atlantic Yards development in any numbers before, and lumping it together in the same area seems a little disingenuous.

guyfromdobro said...

Are we all in agreement that the Atlantic Yards are in Prospect Heights and not in Downtown Brooklyn? All too often, press of Downtown Brooklyn has some element of the Atlantic Yards.