Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rendering of 75 Flatbush Extention

It's to be located at Tillary Street & Flatbush Ext. As per The New York Sun, it will be 21 stories and have 108 units. It's designed by Ismael Leyva Architects.
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Engine Joe said...

Looks like something out of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis".

guyfromdobro said...

That's funny. I actually have a print of "Metropolis". Pretty close.

ruby rose said...

Downtown Brooklyn is at its infancy stages where there's still and empty lot there will be more buildings and where there are decrepit buildings they will be torn down and make way for more. Just an extension to Manhattan! Or maybe Metrotechpolis!!

ruby rose said...

Say goodbye to Red Hook Lane in Downtown Brooklyn. The lane is all that remains of perhaps the oldest Brooklyn pathway, dating to Native American times. technically it no longer exists–the city recently removed the alley from the official city streetmap, so that the land can be developed. As per Mc Brooklyn

guyfromdobro said...

RE: "Downtown Brooklyn is at its infancy stages".
I couldn't agree with you more. In 5 yrs, it will be hardly recognizable.