Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Livingston Street & Schermerhorn Street Breathe New Life into Downtown BK

Livingston Street Corridor: Another Downtown Area Rises from the Ashes
(Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

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Langano said...

With all this building going on, my hope is that there will remain some of the local character of the area in the form of smaller artisanal shops and restaurants, rather than just middle market or even high end retail.

My fear is that it will become a little bland--it reminds me of midtown Manhattan, with residential interspersed with commercial buildings, resulting in a minimal sense of a coherent neighborhood.

Don't get me wrong, I think Willoughby, Schemerhorn and Livingston can take all the investment they can get, but I would hope that there is some thought put into developing a sense of character. Maybe that will be up to the residents to create such a feel.

Given the relatively short length of Willoughby and its proximity to the Metrotech common areas, I would expect that our street would play a significant role in that. In particular, if the side streets to Fulton become primarily pedestrian, then there is every possibility that smaller entrepreneurs or even existing businesses could find locations in the new buildings.