Thursday, February 1, 2007

WalMart on the corner of Willoughby & Flatbush?

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Can someone tell me if this is a good or a bad thing?


110buyer said...

I think it's a horrible idea.

Besides the fact that a big box retailer--with parking!--doesn't belong in downtown Brooklyn, I fail to see how Walmart would contribute to retail diversity in any way. Ignoring it's massive size, it's just another retail store that will sell cheap crap at cheap prices to lower income households. Sounds like the rest of Fulton Mall, doesn't it?

This isn't just my negative perception of Walmart. According to WSL Strategic Retail, Walmart shoppers have a household income significantly lower than households that do not shop there. They've failed miserably at attracting higher income households, a demographic sorely missing from the current Fulton Mall shoppers mix.

Really, unless a Super Walmart with the associated grocery opens up (which would be a whole 'nother magnitude of horribleness), what does Walmart offer than you can't get at the numerous independent stores that line the Fulton Mall? Cheap clothes? Off brand electronics? Toys? The Fulton Mall already has 'em in spades.

If Walmart has to have a NYC location, Staten Island would probably be the best fit, not Brooklyn, and certainly not DOWNTOWN Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I agree this would be absolutely terrible. Continuation of cheap stuff that one can already buy on Fulton Mall. The traffic would also be ridiculous, not to mention the complete lack of a neighborhood identity.

guyfromdobro said...

Well said. I'm going to have to agree 100%. I was leaning that way as well. Hopefully the Rally on Feb. 8th At 1 pm makes a difference. Let's just hope they abandon the idea. Staten Island on the other hand, that's brilliant. Love it.

tonino said...

I agree Wal Mart would be a terrible idea. Especialy if we want to support local small business and upgrade existing deli's and convinience stores.

Any Idea what is going on with the willoughby square park?

guyfromdobro said...

Congrats on the Apt. I wasn't sure where that park is supposed to be. Isn't it going to be somewhat connected to the Aloft hotel on Duffied & Willoughy or am I mistaked? I have to do some research on that. If anyone has ay info, let me know.

Langano said...

It's supposed to be just north of Willoughby between Duffield and Gold, and would be in front of the hotel. I don't know what the timing of the building is, however, since it would required the elimination of a parking lot and the demolition of the building behind it.

guyfromdobro said...

Today, their will be a protest against the possibility of a Walmart at Albee square.
Here is a link